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About Us

The Beckers have been in the Woodburn, Indiana area for four generations. Parts of all four generations have taken their turn growing up or living on the homestead where the barn stood for over 100 years. Taking the barn down was like losing part of our history, which is why we chose to dismantle and save as much of it as we could instead of leveling it.

The process was a long and tedious one. Nails in oak beams don’t come out! Many nails were bent so we used a blowtorch (with a bucket of water close by) to cut the nails before we could get the boards.

We saved as much good lumber as we could reach. The day after Thanksgiving in 2004, we made some strategic cuts with a chainsaw and brought it down. An excavator pushed on one side while a bulldozer pulled on the other. It came down so gently the window in the south peak didn’t even break! We pulled more wood from the upper portion and cleaned up from there.

All the frames are cut, assembled, and packaged at the homestead. We hope you’ll enjoy the beautiful history that is a part of each picture and frame from


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